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Do You Want To Be A Romance Author?

Romance novels… One of the best-selling genres with an often built in readership. Have you thought about writing one? Maybe you’ve written one but keep getting rejection letters. Worry no more, I’ve just revamped and re-released my 12 lesson, self-paced How to Write Your First Romance workshop. It never expires and you can read the…

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March Classes-Promoting without Social Media and Writing and Publishing on a Budget

Time to promote my March classes that I’ll be teaching over at OIWI. The lessons are delivered to your e-mail and you don’t need to be present at any given day and time. They are both 2 weeks long and they compliment one so registering for both would be ideal. Here are the full descriptions…

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Wednesday Guest Author-Sierra Brave

It’s time for our Wednesday guest author spot and this week say hello to Sierra Brave. This Writer’s Life-(TWL)-Welcome to the Wednesday blog, happy to have you join us today. Introduce yourself and tell us about yourself, your writing and your books. Sierra Brave (SB)-Hello, I’m Sierra Brave. I call myself a semi-retired romance author….

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Have You Been Thinking About Writing A Series?

Some of my favorite books make up part of a series. I love reading them and following a character I’ve grown to love. I love writing them too. I’ve created so many series, I’m ashamed to say, I’ve lost count. What do I love most about them. They’re fun to create, I can grow a…


Plotting Your First Romance Novel Workbook

I’m slowly updating all my writing workbooks and classes and I just finished with the Plotting Your First Romance Novel workbook. If you’re an aspiring romance writer, maybe can’t figure out the plot, or just need some extra help, I think you’ll enjoy this workbook and will find it useful. I like to think of…