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Could Your Story Be a Trilogy or Even a Series?



Think you can’t write a trilogy or even a series…think again?

I’ve had students who tell me they’re giving up on their manuscripts because they just can’t figure out how to get all their ideas into one story.

I have have the same response time and time again…who says you have to.

One thing I love about writing is there are no rules only constraints we authors put upon ourselves. Those restraints are often a common reason for the I’m going to throw in the towel, syndrome.

Have you ever thought about turning the story that won’t fit into one manuscript into a trilogy? Maybe even turning it into a series?

If you know my work, you know I love both of them. In fact, now I only write books that fit into one of these categories.

I love not having to rush a plot and tell a read all about my character or characters in just one story.

I can grow them, add suspense, create a bigger story arc…and yes, gain more readers with trilogies and series than I could with the single title. Readers love them, agents and editors love them because they know it means more money for them somewhere down the road. They know you’re in this for the long haul.

So, instead of panicking and throwing in the towel, sit and think about how you could possibly expand the story you’re working on. Maybe there’s a sub plot you’ve been wanting to add but didn’t think you’d have the room. Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a character and want to use him or her again in another book.

There are lots of ways to get mileage out of a story. All it takes is a little brainstorming and I’m guessing you can turn your current story into a trilogy or a bestselling series with ease.

1 thought on “Could Your Story Be a Trilogy or Even a Series?

  1. I’ve never really given much thought to a series. Generally, I prefer short stories, because I’m NOT the kind of person who when they have a project, they set their mind to it and are determined to finish — I have like ten novels that I’m “working on,” some at 100 pages, some at 50, some at 10, and some at 1/2. But this is some good advice. “…there are no rules, only constraints we authors put upon ourselves.” ???????? Even if series aren’t usually my way to go, these words will definitely stick with me.

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