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Earn Money for Some Quick and Easy Writing

The life of a freelance writer and author isn’t an easy one.

It’s not just a time thing, but often a money thing especially when it’s your main source of income.

I’ve had lean times, times when the publication or client I’ve worked with has been slow to pay. And yes, a few times, when they didn’t want to or couldn’t pay. The first time it happens it sends you into a panic. The first time also makes you reach for the want ads when you think you’ll have to return to working for someone else. The safe place where the paychecks are guaranteed every single time.

But that goes against the reason you decided to go out on your own so you come to your senses and go looking for more work, quick work. Work that while it won’t pay you a lot, added together (and yes, if it’s accepted), will start to add up and will tide you over until the client pays or the check from the publication finally hits your account.

I call these quick, and if you pick right, easy money. Markets that are looking for things like tips, puzzles, games, slogans and prose for greeting cards etc.

No researching to do, no interviewing experts, no deadlines. They might take you 10 or 15 minutes, even less if it’s a topic you’re already an expert in.

Do some research, even look through magazines you subscribe to and see what you can find. To get you started here are some to check out-

Also check out Mother Earth News, they pay $25 for each tip they accept.

Would you like to see more of these quick and easy markets who are looking for submissions?

If so, let me know at

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