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Five Writing Markets


One of the biggest challenges a beginning writer faces is finding markets to send their work. I thought I’d list five here. Three I’ve written for, one is a tip writing market, while the other is for more experienced writers. So here we go and good luck if you do decide to submit work to any or all of them.


You might remember that I did an interview with Relay Publishing a few months ago. Here’s a link to their recruitment page. They’re not only looking for writers, but editors and designers too. You’ll need some experience for this one.


Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup always has submission calls for various upcoming titles. I’ve written for them and they’re great to work with-


People’s Friend

Another market I’ve written for and this is a UK based publication that welcomes new writers. They accept both fiction and non-fiction pieces. My advice would be to check out back copies before you submit..


Cooking Tips

When I launched my freelance writing career, sometimes I needed to earn quick money to keep my bank account happy. One thing I often looked for were markets that wanted tips they could publish. It’s very easy work, usually knowledge you already have so you don’t need to do research or interview experts and hence my reason for calling it quick money…if your tip gets accepted that is. This one is for cooking tips.


This is another market I’ve written for and they also seem to be on every writer’s dream list. This link is for their magazine, Highlights, but the page also has links to their various other publications too.



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