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Friday Ramblings From An Author-August Winds Down



Did everyone catch the solar eclipse the other day? Where I live a storm was on the verge of passing through so I didn’t get to experience it as much as I’d hoped.

August is slowly winding down and so is summer. Today I noticed leaves on some trees beginning to turn.

I’ve added my new workshop line up for 2018 if anyone wants to check it out. I might even add some classes that I’ll teach on my own too.

If anyone writes flash fiction, the Writer’s Bureau in the UK has a contest running and here’s the link-

I’d hoped to get a back title republished this week but I’m waiting on my rights reversal letter before I can do that.  I also worked a little on a half finished mystery and thinking about ideas for television pilots….yes, I’m loving my TV writing class and enjoying all Shonda Rhimes’ wisdom and advice for writers.

Have a fun week (enjoy the holiday weekend for those in the UK), and happy writing to all.


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