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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Be A Successful Freelancer

8 _ Laurel Bar

We’ve had the Polar Vortex and now this weekend is supposed to feel like spring. If only the spring part would stay around that would be great. I’m sure lots of you were also in the path of that nasty cold weather earlier this week. People always debate whether it’s better to be in a heatwave or extreme cold. My vote goes to the heatwave.

It’s February and I got everything done on my January to do list…a first for me. Usually I put too much on it and end up disappointed, but this time I tried a new trick. I created a folder on my laptop screen and called it, Things To Work On In January. My theory was that if it was staring at me when I fired up my laptop or when I went back to the main screen it would remind and prompt me I had stuff to do. Today, I simply renamed it to February and filled it with all the projects I want to work on…and yes, we have three less days this month. It felt satisfying opening up that folder today and seeing it empty. Give it a try and give me some feedback if it worked for you.

One thing that was in that folder was record a new Skillshare class. This time I created   one titled Be a Successful Freelancer. If you’re interested here’s a link to it-

I entered the teacher challenge and not sure if we all get a year’s membership to give away, but if we do, then stay turned because I’ll have a prize drawing here at TWL.

And speaking of classes, two new ones start on Monday and for some reason the most popular one, (synopsis boot camp) hasn’t got many students and is in danger of being cancelled. Here’s the link for it (and the plotting your novel class too), so if you or anyone you know want’s to learn how to write a synopsis, could you share this link…many, many thanks as I hate to see a class get cancelled.

On Tuesday, I have a special interview to share with you. I thought we’d take a break from the writing how to’s but still stick with books as a topic so I hope you’ll find it fun.

That’s about it for the week. I’m going to take advantage of the spring like weather tomorrow and venture outside.

Have a good week and happy writing to all.


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