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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Busy but…

Ever had one of those weeks where you feel like you’ve done a ton of stuff but have little to show for it?

I guess most of my ‘done’ stuff is written in notebooks and planners. I spent a couple of hours a day getting rid of unwanted info in folders from my laptop, organizing things I wanted to keep, and making notes of things I want to tackle in 2020. A lot got done but mostly in my head…I guess that counts too, right?

Have you begun planning for 2020? What are some of your goals? One thing I put in my try and do category, is learning or I should say figuring out how to use the digital camera I bought on eBay about three years ago. Photography is one of my hobbies so you’d think it would be something I’d done before now. However, it has so many features that do this and that, after an hour or so, I just throw in the towel and say okay, I’ll figure it out when I have more time. So, it’s on the should finally get around to doing it list. (If you suddenly see stunning photos on this site, you’ll know I have!)

The final boot camp of the year finishes tomorrow and I’m looking forward to the free mini-retreat. If you haven’t already sign up, what’s stopping you? Here’s the link to do just that. My goal is to get 100 people to attend and we’re getting there.

OIRWA 2021 Workshops

And almost forgot, I did get something else done this week. Released another back title, this one from my Kalispell Shifters series. Here’s the cover I made.

Healing the Bear


One more back release for the year and 12 more coming up next year.

We’ve had a cold week with some snow but things are supposed to be warmer this weekend…you know when you live in a cold climate when 40 degrees is considered warmer. Yeah, it’s going to feel like a heatwave.

That’s it for this week. Have a fun week ahead and happy writing to all.

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