Friday Ramblings From An Author-Coaching Site Almost Ready!

I’m happy to say that my coaching business is now just a week away from launching.

The plug in I was hoping to use for the self-paced workshops was no longer available so I had to go looking for an alternative. Everything I found was super expensive and as this is a new business I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I finally found a site called Course Craft which lets me create classes on its site, hosts them and then provides me with a link and widget for my site. They handle everything for me including payments which is a big plus. I already have the widgets on my site if you want to check it out. Next week I’ll be telling you more about the coaching site and giving you the link for it. It’s been a long time in the making so fingers crossed for its success.

I decided to switch the titles I planned to release this month. I’m still working on one of them because I’ve taken the story in a different direction. Yesterday I released the first book in my new cowboy series, Cowboy Tough and here’s a look at the cover-


After I’m done with my current WIP, it’s back to a couple of shifter stories and revamping a Christmas themed story. I’m also working on creating more classes for Skillshare and hoping to get one ready for Udemy too.

Have a fun week and happy writing to all.

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