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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Foot of Snow and a Cold



Another week, another foot of snow and I end this one with a cold. At least I have the weekend to recover (and what a great excuse to just sit and binge watch movies).

I’ve been working non-stop all week getting my classes revamped and uploaded to the new platform so I can launch the new ‘writing school’ on February 1st. My hope is that my private students can access them anytime they like and others will have the option of self-paced classes or working with me as they make their way through the lessons. This platform also allows me to hold live webinars too.

Speaking of classes, if you want to work on the opening chapters of your book and make them sparkle, check out my class that begins on Thursday for Outreach Chapter of the Romance Writers.

Lots of good stuff coming up on this site too…an interview with an editor who will tell us the difference between content and line editing and give up some tips on proofreading our work. On Thursday, author Rachel Brimble will stop by to tell us about the process she uses for creating her characters.

I’m about to finish off the work week with some fiction…yeah, I’m way behind with that.

Have a fun week and happy writing to all.


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