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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Freebie Friday

It’s another Freebie Friday and this time the second book in my Writing Genre Fiction series, writing a tagline, blurb and synopsis is free at Amazon if you’d like a copy or know someone who does here’s the link-

And while on the topic of the book series, I got the third book finished and uploaded to Amazon today so it should be on sale within the next day or so. This one’s all about writing prompts and ideas to kick-start stories.

V3-Writing Genre Fiction

Next up for me is writing the fourth one which will be devoted to short stories. I hope to publish that one in June. I’m told the summer is slow for publishing so I’m going to spend the time just writing and fingers crossed should be ready to publish a couple more books once September rolls around.

As well as getting the fiction book completed I’m now about 15,000 words into my next Big Sky County book. Over the summer I’ll also be starting another new series, but this time around I’ll be self-publishing it. This will be my first step into the fiction side of indie publishing so it should be exciting.

Just about every newsletter I’ve received this week has been about upcoming summer titles and good beach reading novels. When I was growing up one of the things I loved most about summer was heading outside and reading all afternoon and into the early evening. As a child my favorites were anything by Enid Blyton and then as I got older Agatha Christie mysteries held my attention for hours on end.

What’s on your summer reading list and any suggestions you’d like to share with everyone?

Happy writing and have a good week.

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