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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Happy Saint Patrick’s Day




The weather’s been on a rollercoaster ride but spring will soon be here which is a great time for evaluating how you’re doing with your writing goals.

I haven’t achieved as many as I’d hope to during this first three months but there’s plenty of time for catching up.

How about you? Are you falling behind or ahead on your to do list?

One thing I did get done this week was I published the print version of my How to Write an Erotic Romance.  I opted for the paperback format through KDP rather than Createspace. Anyone else use it yet? I think it’s in beta at the moment and maybe Amazon is seeing how well it does. Anyone heard if Createspace is going away or what?

I think the two interfaces are similar and the one thing I like about the KDP version is you can get everything done straight away and no more waiting for an e-mail letting you know if you need to fix anything.

I’m now working on my WIPs again, and next week I hope to get some new classes uploaded to various platforms, plus make a dent in my non-fiction work.

Busy times ahead and with spring in sight, maybe blue skies too.

Hope everyone’s having a happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

Have a fun week and happy writing to all.

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