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Friday Ramblings From An Author-I Found A Minature Library

First before I forget, if you’re interested in learning to write a synopsis, I’m teaching a workshop on that topic Sept 1-30. Check out the workshop schedule on this site for the details. It’s the last time I’m teaching it this year and the final time I’ll teach it in its current format. I’m revamping it and next year I’ll be including writing query letters, tags and blurbs as well as the synopsis.

One of my publishers(I guess it’s okay to say which one, and if I don’t everyone will be wondering who it is), has decided to retreat from the publishing business. It’s Noble Romance Publishing. I have two titles with them, and now the rights revert back to me. That got me thinking about what I want to do. Do I offer them to another publisher? Do I rewrite them and then offer them to a publisher? Or do I self-publish them? Stay tuned.

And if like me you read a lot, you might want to nominate one of your favorite books… or even your own, to the Book Junkies Awards

And speaking of reading, I stumbled upon an interesting thing in my local neighborhood while taking a stroll, a miniature library on the side of the road. A neat little structure on a stand housing books. Seems you leave a book and take one. Got me thinking about leaving a few of mine in there for some added exposure.  I noted the name on the front of it, and checked it out on line when I got home. Here’s the link if you want to take a look. Looks like anyone can set one up in their neighborhood.

Currently I’m working on book three in my Love Cowboy Style trilogy and hope to have the first draft finished by Labor Day.

To everyone in the UK, have a safe and fun Bank Holiday weekend and to everyone else a fun weekend as the summer slowly winds down. And as always, happy writing.

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