Friday Ramblings From An Author-Last One in August

Almost September which means summer of 2014 is gradually coming to a close. I had so much planned, but it’s flown by. I didn’t read  many books on my reading list. I might have been too ambitious, but not to worry because they’ll simply become part of my fall list.

One of the things I’d planned to do was take some time off. I always say that and it never happens. However, I did take a whole day off yesterday to attend the local fair. Ate lots of  bad for you foods, and yes, even thought about writing. You’ve heard of actors sitting in cafés people watching so they can work on character development, well, we authors can do that too. I spent a lot of time observing people, eavesdropping and thinking what I could possibly use for upcoming stories. Try it sometimes and you’ll be amazed at how inspiring an hour or so of people watching can be.

Two workshops begin on Tuesday. As always if you or anyone you know is interested in taking a workshop on writing a continuing series or how to polish your manuscript before submitting it, all the details are on the teaching schedule section of this site.

I finally got the first of my Christmas stories finished. Did edits for my next release, and now I’m working on chapter one of the next story in the Regency Rakes and Rogues series so I can add it to book one when it’s released on the 9th.  I wanted to go with something completely different and opted for a ghost story.

To those in the UK, have a safe holiday weekend. Have a fun week and happy writing to all.

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