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Friday Ramblings From An Author-My New Office Buddy

Another busy week doing a little of this and a little of that. Writing, doing edits for my upcoming release, teaching and tutoring. I’m now almost 20,000 words into my WIP, and about a quarter of the way through the revamp of an older title I’ll be releasing as a self-published book in the fall.

I even have a new office buddy and here’s a photo of him.


I’m running a contest over at my Vanessa Devereaux site to give this guy a name. Well actually I’ll be picking two names and each one will be used for a character in the Kalispell Shifters and Big Sky County series.

How did I meet my new buddy? In the DIY store while I was looking for tomato cages. I saw him sitting on a shelf and thought what would be the odds that he’s a bear who’s also a cowboy, and two characters I write about. I’m usually not an impulse buyer but I knew I had to purchase him. He was going to be a deck buddy but now he sits on the floor of my office. I hope he’ll give me lots of inspiration for future stories. And if you can think of a name for him, head over to my other site and enter the contest.

Speaking of stories, my next release is Thursday July 2nd and book nine in the Kalispell Shifter series. It’s called Protected by the Bear. I hope to share the cover with you next Friday.

Summer begins on Sunday so make the most of the long days.

Have a good week and happy writing.

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