Friday Ramblings From An Author-New Book

It’s June and the perfect time to see how well you’re doing with your goals for the year. I’m behind with my fiction but that’s probably because I’m getting rights back to a book a month and getting somewhat swamped with work.

At least I managed to get a non-fiction book released and here’s the cover…another one I made myself.

Saving at the Store2


It’s nice to take a break from writing about writing once in awhile.  Saving money and financial topics were a few of my specialties when I was a freelance writer.

I decided to go the Amazon KDP Select route again because so far I’ve been pleased with the results.

I hope to do more catching up in June and my goal is to get two older books released and two new titles, one fiction, and one non-fiction, but we’ll see how things go.

Enjoy the first weekend in June and happy writing to all.


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