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Friday Ramblings From An Author-No Internet

A late Ramblings this week because when I woke up this morning to discover no Internet. These days, I guess we take it for granted and it’s not until you can’t connect that you realize how big a role it plays in our lives.

I’m now playing catch up with replying to e-mails and uploading files for my students so I’ll keep this Ramblings brief.

I’m almost done with my WIP, just want to tweak a few things. While I’ve been working on it, I came up with the plot line for my next story in the series…I love when that happens.

I also got another class recorded and working on a special self publishing package I’m putting together for a Black Friday sale.

Thank you to Dee for being this week’s guest blogger.

Have a fun weekend and see you again on Monday.

Happy writing to all.

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