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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Solar Oven Owner



It’s the last Friday of the month. I’m sure April just began. I don’t know if it’s all the upheaval that’s going on in all our lives right now or what, but did April just fly by?

It means it’s time to start promoting next month’s classes…two boot camps in fact, one is Plotting Your Novel  and the other, Promoting Your Novel.  Although these are offered through a chapter of the Romance Writers of America, you don’t have to be a member and you don’t have to be a romance writer, all genres are welcome.

Here’s the link and please feel free to share it with whoever you think might like to sign up.

I have a bunch of classes I’ll be recording next month. And which reminds me, if you’ve purchased a self paced class from this site, for some reason the automatic download isn’t working so after you’ve paid, just e-mail me at and I’ll get the class lessons to you. Hopefully, I’ll have it all figured out next week.

What do you all think of Podcasts? I know they take lots of time but this week I saw an app that will turn all these posts into podcasts or at least an audio version. I’m not sure if I can use them on the .com version of WordPress, but I am thinking of switching over to next year. The app uses an automated voice for the audio and some of the voices sounded better than others. Still not sure if I should invest in it or not, but stay tuned.

One thing I did buy this week was a solar oven. I’ve wanted one for many years and thought I’d finally get one. Not the top of the line version but one that’s the right price for me to learn all about solar cooking. I’ve heard they’re difficult at first but most people love them. I’l be sure to include some photos of what I make (disaster or masterpiece) once I get it all set up.  Anyone have one, any advice?

I’ve been walking every day and seems lots of people are getting their exercise that way too. Today, I’m going to try out the walking poles I bought…okay, I’m too ashamed to say how long ago. I dusted them off this morning so once I’m finished with the work week, I’ll be heading outside…hopefully the sun will still be shining.

Thank you to Kayelle for being this week’s guest blogger. And thank you to everyone who followed TWL.

Have a fun weekend and ‘see’ you again on Monday.

Happy writing to all.

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