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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Spring?


key-3087900_640The days are getting longer, snow has been melting, and I saw the first 50 degrees predicted in the weather forecast. As winters go, I have to admit this one hasn’t been that nasty. Well just enough to prompt me to start looking at small motorhome websites so one day soon I can venture south in the winter. I’ll let you know how my search progresses and who knows one day I might be writing one of these Ramblings while looking at out the ocean!

It’s the last day of the February classes which means two more begin on Monday. I haven’t received the actual numbers yet, but I know we have lots more room so if you’re interested in How to Write a Romance Novel or Promoting Your Book or know someone who is, here’s the link-

OIRWA 2021 Workshops

This week, I decided to start to overhaul all my writing books and while I’m doing that, make outlines for the classes and workbooks that (hopefully), will be up on this site and my own site by the fall. A huge undertaking but I think, well worth it.

I’m also waiting to get my rights back to another fiction title that is already to go. I’ll admit, my fiction has taken a back seat since this new year began. I think once spring is here and I’m outside again, it will be time to work on some new stories.

I brainstormed new ideas for prompts and I hope you’ll like what I have planned for March.

Thank you to Linda for being this week’s guest blogger.

Have a great week, happy writing to all, and remember to live your dream.

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