Friday Ramblings From An Author-Writing, Teaching, Editing…

Another week of a little of everything. The two January workshops finally began. Tomorrow I’m teaching my second webinar of the month.

Besides teaching I’ve also been taking my own writing classes. Nicest thing is I can study the lessons at my own pace and leisure.

Today I completed edits for my next release, A Wolf’s Mate which will be book six in the Kalispell Shifters series. Working on book eight right now and having lots of fun with the characters.

This week was also a release week for me and here’s the cover-


This time around I opted to write an historical in the series and my next project will probably be another story in this series as I started a story thread in this one. I’m also thinking about my next book in the Perfect Pairing series as it’s been awhile since I sat down to write one of those.

And of course there’s the mysteries and screenplays I resolved to write this year.

Question of the week, what do you give up in order to write?

For me it’s reading and watching TV.

Have a fun week and happy writing.

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