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Friday Ramblings-It’s Hot



This is probably the earliest Friday Ramblings I’ve put together. Two reasons for that.

Holiday weekend and I’ve promised myself some time off.

Second reason, it’s hot and humid and I want to head outside to do some gardening before things get really nasty.

We had a heat advisory yesterday and today’s going to be the same. It always seems weeds overtake the yard at the same time humidity puts in an appearance.

Just like writing, if you want to get it done, you’ve got to just go for it.

The first session of the summer retreat is now history and the second one begins on Monday. Hope to ‘see’ some of you or even lots of you in class.

I’m hoping to get some summer reading done this weekend. What are you reading right now? Anything you can recommend? I have to say I’m enjoying cozy mysteries. I shouldn’t be too surprised because I used to read Agatha Christie books when I was growing up.

Thank you to all the new TWL followers, we are close to 1,000!

To those in the US, have a fun Fourth of July.

And to everyone, have a fun week and happy writing to you.

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