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Friday Ramblings-Things Get Done

Sometimes it’s the weather that helps you get stuff done. This week it’s been really humid and while I’ve been outside, I’ve also been stuck inside trying to escape the heat. A bit like the winter months which means I get stuff done.

Many of you know I’ve had and still have a budget related site. I say budget related because while it started out that way, now it’s been relaunched as more of how to run a business, how to work toward financial freedom, sort of site. I’ve been adding products to the store and this week finally got the freelance survival pack finished. As I was writing my Friday Ramblings to the followers there, I realized that many of you are freelancers or want to be freelancers and the product might be perfect for you too so head over to and check out it out.


Talking of products that work for both sites, I’m in the middle of putting together a series of fiction writer’s checklists. Each one focuses on a different element of the novel writing process, plot, dialogue…. I’m going to sell them separately and also as a package too and I’ll let you know when they’re available. Many of my students find them useful so I hope you will too.

Yesterday, I think I saw the coyote from winter. back in the neighborhood. I don’t know much about them but he or she had similar facial features, followed the same route out of the woods and back into them. Only change was instead of the thick grey coat, he or she was now a reddish color, almost like a large red fox. In fact, I thought it was a red fox at first because they sometimes hang around too. I’m pretty sure it’s the same coyote. Anyone know if their coats turn a different color when they shed their winter one? One of these days, I’ll try and snap a photo to share with you.

And we’re about seven followers away from reaching the 1,000 followers goal I set for mid July. Thank you to everyone who followed this week. We’re almost there and I know we can do it.

Thank you to Amanda for being this week’s guest blogger and to all of you for reading all the posts.

Have a fun weekend and happy writing to all.

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