Friday Ramblings From An Author-Edit Mode

It’s been a week of editing for me. Always nice to get something finished and then wait for its publication.

And yes, I finally have the cover for Tell Me No Lies, by coincidence it’s released today-


I had some exciting news, The Vampire’s Seduction is a bestseller at All Romance E Books.

I did a gallery check on Death Likes Me (e-book) and that will be released June 28th. Next month three more releases, The Essential Dehydrator, Getting Lucky, and The Hamilton Men.

I just finished the first draft of another short romance story. It was one that took a different direction to what I’d planned but sometimes I love when that happens. The hero’s motivation changed mid-story so the ending turned out a little different.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Fiction workshop is almost at the half way point and I’ve been putting together notes for next month’s PR workshop. It’s a new one and I think it’s going to be fun…spread the word.

Happy writing and have a good weekend.

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