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Friday Ramblings From An Author-This Writer’s Life Gets a Makeover



I seem have gotten a lot done this week and I’m guessing it’s due to the energy of the New Year.

One thing I’d been meaning to do in what seems like forever was give this site a makeover. I even managed to get that done too. Let me know what you think of the new layout and graphics.

Another thing I’m hoping to do with the site is open up spotsĀ for guest bloggers who want to share tips on writing with you. So if you’d like to do that or know someone who would, then leave a comment or contact me and I’ll put you on the schedule.

My first workshop of the year kicks off this Monday and there are still some open spots if you’re interested in learning to write a synopsis or have one that needs a final polish before you send it out. It’s being offered by the Outreach Chapter of Romance Writer’s of America and lasts two weeks.

Speaking of classes and teaching, another thing I got done this week was upload the first class in each of my new series of courses over at Skillshare. I’ll be uploading a class in each topic every month this year. First one focuses on freelance writing and the second, novel writing. Here are the links if you’re interested in checking them out-

Novel Writing Blueprint

Freelance Writing Blueprint

Last thing I got completed was made a cover for the book I get rights back to next week.

Speaking of which I’m finishing off this work week with revamping the story so I’ll say goodbye for now.


Have a fun week and happy writing.



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