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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Winter Starts Tomorrow

Winter officially begins tomorrow and that means the days start getting longer again. Although where I live it’s looked like winter for about three weeks now!

Question of the week. Do you get more writing done in the winter or summer? I think for me it’s about equal, although sometimes summer means outside things call my name.

Today I finally finished book one of the new trilogy which will be called Big Sky Cowboys. I’m giving myself a break today and then tomorrow it’s back to work on book two. That should take me into 2014. Once that’s done it’s book three. And then after that it will be time for book seven of the Perfect Pairing series. Sadie’s got quite a challenge on her hands this time around and I know I’m going to have fun writing that story. I have a few more projects already in mind but who knows by the time I get to that point, other ideas might have taken over.

I found out today I’m teaching two more workshops in 2014 than I’d originally thought which was a really nice surprise for me.
Speaking of which, my first for the year begins January 6th, Are We There Yet? If you’re interested in learning about giving your story a final edit and check, or know someone else who does, I’d love to see you in the workshop. I think this is going to be a fun one.

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season.

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