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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Word Fatigue?


Ever had a week where you hope it is Friday and your mind isn’t playing tricks on you?

I’ve been checking things off my to do list,and as most of them are word related, I think I’m word fatigued. Is there such a thing?

You know you have it when simple words suddenly don’t look like they’re spelled correctly. When you read back what you’ve written, well, sometimes you have to laugh and applaud yourself for not hitting the send button.

Writing this Ramblings will be one of the last things on my to do list for the week…yes, I’ve promised myself that.

And what have I been up to this week? I continued with the idea of block working and now have two upcoming back titles ready for publishing. They’re re-edited, reformatted and have their covers made.

I’ve been working on lessons and the workbook for the upcoming promoting your book boot camp (March). I traveled down memory lane to my days when I worked in public relations and especially my time as a publicist for a publisher. I recalled some funny stories about some of my clients…do I sense another book in the making?

I’m hoping everyone’s going to love the class because I have lots of things to share.

And thank you to everyone who gave me feedback about me publishing the workbooks. It’s obviously something lots of you want to see so I’m working on it and will let you know when they’re ready.

And thank you to Cynthia for being this week’s guest blogger.

There will be guests on both Tuesday and Thursday again next week because I’m trying to fit in everyone whose name got deleted due to my error with the sign ups.

Have a wonderful week, remember to live your dream, and happy writing to all.

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