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Have You Been Thinking About Writing A Series?

Some of my favorite books make up part of a series. I love reading them and following a character I’ve grown to love.

I love writing them too. I’ve created so many series, I’m ashamed to say, I’ve lost count.

What do I love most about them.

They’re fun to create, I can grow a character slowly, readers love them and yes, they can be lucrative for an author.

I’ve just revamped both my Writing the Continuing Series workshop and workbook. I used to sell them as a pair in the deluxe version but I’ve this time around you can buy one or both. If you buy the workbook at the same time as the workshop which I recommend you get a discount.

I’m using my new platform over at Thrivecart to deliver the products to you. Easy purchase, checkout, and delivery which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Here is the link for the workshop with more details

And if you just want to learn more about the workbook and purchase it, here’s the link for that-

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