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In The Hot Seat with Linda Rettstatt

Wednesday’s Hot Seat with Eppie Award winner Linda Rettstatt-

Currently Reading…. Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews. Her books are always light-hearted and fun.

Currently Watching…. nothing in particular, since everything seems to be in summer reruns. But I get more writing done this way.

Guilty Pleasure… Oh, I gave up guilt. But I do enjoy chocolate, late leisurely mornings (when I can) and playing penny slot machines now and then.

Best Advice You Ever Got… write what is in your heart and don’t over-think it. When I first started writing, I bought a slew of ‘how to’ books and found there are ‘rules’ to be followed. So I tried to write according to those rules. I started to get bogged down. I soon found that if I simply wrote and turned of the internal editor, I not only got a better first draft but I was happier doing it. I let the first draft flow and write from my heart. (That’s not to say I don’t follow the basic rules of writing 🙂

A Country or Town You’d Like to Visit…Tuscany. Ever since I saw the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, I’ve wanted to visit Tuscany. Some day, perhaps.

Highly Recommend You Read This Title… Tuesday Night Miracles by Kris Radish. She is genius at delving into a woman’s heart and mind. In this book, she explores anger and how we, as women, manage our anger or are told we should. Her characters are so real and the issues so significant. I could hardly put this one down.

I’m Shameless Self Promoting… my contemporary romance, Wake-Up Call, now available at
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