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July Writing Prompts

It’s July which means new writing prompts.

This time I thought we’d do something different and focus on work you’ve already created.

Take a scene or chapter and if it’s in first person turn it into third person and vice versa.

Read it through and see which version you like best.

Take another scene and change tenses. If it’s present tense, make it future tense…try it a few different ways and see how it reads.

Was it easy or hard? Did you discover something new about your story, your characters, or even the way you write?

This month, also practice doing something that’s your Achilles’ heel. For me it’s description, but for you it could be dialogue. Do some ten minute drills a few times a week and see how you progress over the next 31 days.

And finally, a photo prompt…thought this one was an unusual image so have fun.

No Monday Motivation because it’s a long holiday weekend but next week I’ll post my interview with Erin Mahoney, author of side gigs.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July.

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