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Monday Motivation-Don’t Let Them Get You Down



I might have told this story before here at TWL, but just in case I didn’t, or you’re new to the site, here goes.

I’d been writing for about three or four years and sent a manuscript for a romance story to a new publishing company who had a somewhat famous editor at the helm.

Up to this point, I hadn’t received that many rejections with personal notes attached, but this one came with those, and I’m afraid to say it wasn’t what I hoped to read.

The famous editor told me that after reading my story she knew one thing that I would never be a writer. In fact, she suggested I do anything besides write and if I didn’t I was setting myself up for a huge disappointment.

It stung, it hurt, it cut to the bone, and I cried.

For a day or two, I believed her words and advice. I was ready to throw in the towel so to speak.

However, the arrogant side of my personality, the element in me that always says you tell me no, I’ll tell you yes, took over. I wanted to write back and tell her who are you to destroy my dream. I’m going to show you.

I didn’t do it and I’m glad of my decision. I have to thank her for making me that much more determined to prove that she was wrong.

After I began making a living as a writer, and especially after I got my first book accepted and published, I wanted to contact her and say, hey remember me, you’ll never guess what, I get paid to write.

When I saw this quote it reminded me of this story. If you have a dream and no matter what others do or say to destroy it, don’t listen to them just keep on believing.


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