Monday Writing Prompt-Within A Book

I’ve been checking through some of my old cookbooks and I found some recipes I’d written down and slipped inside the pages. I’d forgotten they were there and it reminded me of how many times I’ve checked out a book from the library and found something that someone’s left inside. Sometimes it’s been a grocery list, other times a ticket to pick up laundry, and one time it was a person’s name and phone number scribbled on a slip of paper. We writers are a curious lot and I wondered who this person was and their relationship, if any, to the person who’d borrowed the novel.

So that’s this week’s prompt. Your character is the person who finds the slip of paper and is even more inquisitive than us writers. They don’t just wonder who the person is, they find out by calling the number. What happens and who does this person turn out to be?

Have fun and happy writing.

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