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Monday Writing Prompts-The Windy City

No, this writing prompt isn’t about Chicago. I always say if you’re looking for something to write about look around you or outside your window. Where I live it’s a very windy day so that’s the theme of┬áthis week’s prompt.

Your character has to deal with high gusts of wind. What are they doing and how do they cope?

Have fun and happy writing.

2 thoughts on “Monday Writing Prompts-The Windy City

  1. kaypickard says:

    It’s very windy here today Susan. And rainy and cold!! I have been out most of the day visiting my aunt who is in a home and with writing friends for lunch. I haven’t been very productive today, my “writing day” but am getting on the case soon. I will have to catch up in the evenings. I sent a empty query sheet template to Bernadette (oops) last Monday and got it back Wednesday. I found the correct one and resent it that day, but still haven’t had a reply. I am going to carry on with novel regardless but still value your feedback.

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