Monday Writing Prompts-Gifts

As you can guess this writing prompt has a Christmas theme. Your main character finds a gift under the tree. There’s no name on it, no one owns up to putting it there. When the character unwraps it what do they find? Have fun, happy writing and a Merry Christmas to all.

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Monday Writing Prompts-Lines

We’ve all waited in line for something. This time of the year the wait time seems to get longer. The character of your story is in line but grows inpatient and decides to head off to some other part of the building or store. What do they stumble upon? Have fun and happy writing.

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Ventures in Self Publishing

If you’ve been a regular follower of my Friday Ramblings you know that this year I wrote a cookbook and have just self-published it. I won’t say it was easy work but it’s satisfying knowing that you have total control over your book, and yes you take both the accolades and blame if something’s not…

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Monday Writing Prompts-Googled

I always say writing ideas come from things happening around you. Today someone told me they did a Google search on me to see what type of books I write. For this short story your character gets bored at work and decides to Google one of their co-workers. What do they find? Lots of possibilities…

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