How To Be A Great Hooker

Did the title of this post get your attention? I’m guessing some people will seek this out thinking it’s about a very different topic. I could have said how to write a great opening to your story. My aim wasn’t to fool anyone but to show you how you can draw readers into a story. Or, in this case,…

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Hi Susan-Writing What You Know

  I have about twenty Hi Susan e-mails waiting for me so thought I’d get to at least one this week. Chloe writes- Is it true that a fiction authors should only write about an experience they’ve gone through themselves? When I started writing, I’d heard that too. My first book was based on my own experience…

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A Review of PDFelement

I’ve never reviewed products here at TWL before but I was recently approached by a company to do just that. So disclaimer up front, I received the product in exchange for an honest review. What is the product and why did I agree to review it and share it with you? It a software program…

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