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Researching Your Book-One Author’s Discovery



Today Angela Drake is back with us and sharing what she found while researching her novel and gives us a tour of its location (which might be a good spot for some R and R from writing)-

Years ago when I started AN OZARKS CHRISTMAS, I knew the story had to be set in Eureka Springs. As my heroine talks about in the book, the over-all ambiance of the quaint Victorian tourist town soothed the spirit. When I drive into town, I feel the tension melt away like shedding a protective skin.

Nestled in the northwest corner of Arkansas, this quaint community welcomes thousands of travelers every year. Some will visit only once, while others will experience the charm over and over again. Some will come, only to return while others never leave. Whatever the case, Eureka Springs has something for everyone.

The closest you’ll come to conveniences as far as chains go are a McDonalds, Pizza Hut and a Dollar General… and those are nowhere near the historical downtown. Between the touristy shops, Victorian architecture and haunted hotels who needs convenience when you have atmosphere?

The stair-step town offers three street levels of shops throughout the shopping district. You can access the multitude of shops by walking or riding the trolley. The trollies run at intervals throughout the day, each traveling a different colored route. One may take you to the Christ of the Ozarks statue while another traverses the historic loop from downtown to the haunted 1886 Crescent Hotel & Day Spa, where my story opens.

Take home a handstitched quilt, scented candles, hand-thrown pottery or finely crafted jewelry items.  Clothiers abound. From imported specialty pieces to the traditional t-shirts advertising your trip to Eureka Springs. If you’re looking for a perfect wedding night ensemble, a stop at Scarlett’s is a must.

Eureka Springs is a popular wedding destination offering venues such as the world-renowned Thorncrown Chapel as well as smaller places. There are many bed and breakfasts and cottages for the perfect honeymoon retreat.

You’ll find a myriad of eateries and pubs offering a wide variety of ethnic foods as well as musical entertainment. One of my favorite spots is the ES & AR Railway. The Eurekan Dining Car runs April through October. Reservations are required. Book two is centered around Myrtie May’s restaurant. They are famous for their fried chicken. After dinner, take in an Ozark music show at Pine Mountain Jamboree, Ozark Mountain Hoe-down or the Passion Play. Whether you’re looking for a short getaway to rejuvenate or a full vacation, Eureka Springs may very well become your favorite destination, too.


About Angela

Angela Drake believes in happy endings, the magic of ‘what if’ and second chances. When not living vicariously through her characters, Angela spends her day working social media accounts for musicians and authors. She enjoys time with her granddaughters, gardening, journaling, and a myriad of artistic pursuits. She shares a home in the Ozarks with her husband, two dogs and three cats. She loves networking with readers and writers through her Facebook, twitter Instagram and blog.










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