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Score Points with Editors

Do you want to increase your chances of an editor requesting to see your manuscript or even getting published?

It’s not just down to the actual story or proposal but how you can follow guidelines and instructions. Think of it as an entrance test.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be telling you about markets that are open to new writers and those who don’t require you have an agent before you submit your story or book proposal.

Think of these publishers as ones who offer you something that fewer and fewer are generous enough to do these days. Don’t let the opportunity go to waste. I thought before we get started, I’d offer you some tips so the odds of one of these markets accepting your work increases.

Visit their Site

You should never submit without a visit to the publisher’s web site. Not just taking a quick look but spending time doing research. Ask yourself the following-

What books do the they publish?

Have I read any of their books? If so, what did I think about them?

Do they publish any of my favorite authors?

What sort of books do they publish?

How do I see my own book fitting into their publishing line-up?

Check Out Their Guidelines

This is crucial. This is your test. Mess this up and you’ll look like a beginner and someone who can’t be bothered to read the rules.

Pay attention to-

How do they want to you to contact them-Snail mail, e-mail?

What do they want to see? Synopsis, first chapter, three chapters or a whole manuscript?

What do they publish? (If they only publish non-fiction don’t send them your mystery manuscript and vice versa).

What’s the word count they require? Don’t bother pitching your 100,000 word story to a company who publishes 50,000 words.

Is there a specific person you need to e-mail or send your work to?

Do they want it as an attachment or part of the body of the e-mail?

Is there anything they definitely don’t want to see? For example, don’t bother sending your mystery with a sleuth whose every other word is a swear word to a publisher who requests, wholesome cozy mysteries.

Bottom line, do your research, read the guideline and read them again. Score points with your initial contact with an editor and you’ve passed the first hurdle on the journey to published writer.

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