Self-Paced Writing Classes

Writing the Continuing Series

Have you ever thought about writing a series like the Hunger Games or Twilight? In this eight lesson class I'll walk you through the process of writing not one story but a continuing storyline. I'll show you how to keep track of everything, create storylines that readers will love and how to include cliffhangers to keep readers coming back for more.


Writing a Synopsis

Would you rather do anything besides write a synopsis for your story? In this easy to follow class I'll take some of the pain away from writing a synopsis and show you how you can create one that does your story justice and catches an editor's or agent's attention. I'll also show you how to write a tagline and blurb and what to and what not to include in a cover letter.


Crafting the Short Story

Have you ever thought about writing a short story? Have you written one but received lots of rejections? In this self paced class, you’ll be walked through eight lessons which will cover topics such as beginning short story writing mistakes, creating a plot and characters who will win over readers. How to study the market and picking the ideal publication for your story.


Writing Your First Romance Novel

Have you ever thought about penning a romance novel but not sure where to start or even what type of romance you'd like to write? Maybe you've written one but keep getting rejection after rejection. In this 12 lesson class, I'll walk you through everything you need to know about writing a romance novel. You'll learn how to create compelling characters, how to dazzle your reader with authentic dialogue and how to pack the all important emotion, conflict and sexual tension into your plot.


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