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Should You Ever Quit?

You’ve had three rejections in the last month.

An agent has just told you that the story you thought was great has lots of flaws.

You’ve been writing for five years and not one single byline.

Should you quit?

My first response is no, never give up. However, here are some questions to ask yourself before you make that drastic decision.

What’s Your Why?

With students I coach, I always begin with this question before we get started. Why do you want to be a writer? Why do you want to write a novel? This is exclusive to you so be honest about it. If it’s for fame and fortune or maybe pursuing someone else’s dream for you then you probably should quit. If this isn’t something that’s in your heart, something that you do anything to achieve, even if it means getting up early or staying up late to write, then don’t ever quit.

Are You Writing the Wrong Thing?

Sometimes people jump into writing a certain style of book because they hear that it’s hot or so and so made lots of money. Don’t jump on trends like writing vampire books or books like Game of Thrones if that’s not your thing. It’s going to show in your work and you’ll get rejected and the whole writing thing will be a let down. Write what you love to read and what’s in your heart to write.

Have You Taken Classes? Asked for Feedback?

You could be close to getting published but your work might need just a little publishing or maybe you need to learn more about the writing process. Before you call it a day, I’d give a writing class a try or even better yet, get feedback from a professional writer.

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