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The Business of Writing

  I spend most my time teaching my students how to write. However, last week I thought about a topic that I should be at least discussing with them before they enter the world of authorship. That topic is the business side of the writing life. It’s something I’ll be including in my future coaching…

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Hi Susan-Picking Genres

Time once again to dive into the Hi Susan e-mail pile. I picked this question from Marc who wrote… I’m just starting out as an author and researching the type of book I want to write. Should I go with similar books that I see on the bestseller lists? An easy answer, no. Sounds counterproductive to…

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Writing From Experience

Today, J. L. Regen is back guest blogging and telling us about how things that happen in life sometimes find a way into books. And she’s happy to share the news that her book is nominated for Romance Book of the Year by Readers Choice  Good luck, we’re cheering for you. I was dating a man like…

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