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Five Writing Resources

No guest blogger this week so thought I’d share this quick post with you. Five writing resources to check out.   An Old Favorite I never know why I didn’t get a subscription to this gem of a magazine but each time I went to a certain supermarket, I’d pick up a copy of The…

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A Great Blog for Authors

  I like to think that This Writer’s Life is all about helping my fellow authors and freelance writers with their journey to getting published and/or getting established. I’ve previously listed some sites that I think are helpful to achieving that goal, but this year I want to find more resources I can share with you.…

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NaNoWriMo-Day 10

We’re into the double digit days of the challenge now. Tip of the day comes via the Bookbaby blog post I just read. It actually offers 7 tips about what to do when you’re not in the mood to write (which can often  happen when you’re in the middle of NaNoWriMo). http://blog.bookbaby.com/2015/09/7-remedies-for-writers-apathy/

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Getting Ready for NaWriNoMo

Anyone taking part in this year’s NaWriNoMo? I’m gearing up ready for Saturday. My goal is to reach 50,000 words by December 1st but not all with one project. I’m working on a story right now that I plan to finish during the first week and then I’ll switch to a couple of other projects…

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