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What If You Hate A Character?

    Can not liking one of your characters be stalling your story? I’d never really thought about that question until one of my students e-mailed me and said she felt it was the reason that her writing output was down. There’s no easy or right, yes or no, response. While I do think you…

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Creating Characters Who Matter

Welcome to today’s guest blogger, Merrilee Robson whose post focuses on the characters we create… A magazine editor recently commented that a secondary character in one of my short stories didn’t seem very upset about the death of another character. My first reaction was, “Well, of course she’s upset. Her best friend just died!” But…

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Get To Know Your Character

  One of the first questions I ask students is; what do you remember most about your favorite books? I always know that at least 99 %  are going to tell me about a character they fell in love with, cheered for, and turned the pages just to see what happened to them. Don’t get me wrong,…

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