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Monday Motivation-Be Positive

The theme of this week is keeping positive thoughts even after you’ve received a rejection or your story isn’t going as planned. Nothing comes from being negative. Give yourself a pep talk. When you get a rejection know that you’re one step closer to getting a yes. Let’s be positive this week and beyond.

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Monday Motivation-Begin

I like this quote because it reminds me that lots of people say they’re going to do something toward living their dream but talking is about as far as they get. Don’t be that person. Live your dream, and as this mug says, begin…begin your story today.  

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Monday Motivation-Be Inspired

  If you’re struggling to write then it could be lack of inspiration. Think about why you started writing in the first place. What is it about the written word that inspires you? This week, look around the see all the things that inspire you. Even people who inspire and motivate you to live your dreams.

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