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Promptober Day 8

Here we are at week two. How are you doing? Written any good stuff? Anything you can use for a novel? Feel your writing endurance level going up? Let’s kick off this week with a first line prompt which is- I’m sorry What is your character sorry for?  

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Are You Ready for Promptober?

Welcome October and I told you they’d be something different on the site each month.  Prompts are the theme for this month. I got this idea because I’m learning to sketch and someone told me about a yearly event called Inktober . It’s sort of an artist’s version of NaNoWriMo and I thought why don’t…

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Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

  Tell a non-writer you’re an author and the first question out of their mouth is usually, where do you get your ideas? Sometimes it’s a puzzle for writers too. What happens when the story idea bank runs dry? When I began writing, one major issue I had was one too many story ideas. They’d…

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