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Monday Writing Prompts-Scared

  It’s almost Halloween so you’ve probably guessed the focus of this week’s prompt. It’s all about being scared.   It doesn’t have to be horror story scary but your character needs to face something that increases their heart rate. It could be a visit to the dentist, taking a driving test, or even asking…

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Monday Writing Prompts-Starfish

  For this prompt your character is walking on the beach and finds a starfish. Some possibilities for story direction could be- What is your character doing on the beach? Has he or she been to this beach before? Maybe it’s a beach by their childhood home. What emotion does seeing the starfish evoke? Have…

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Monday Writing Prompts-Fox

  This week’s prompt focuses on a fox. Does your character wake up one morning and see this fox in the backyard? Maybe they’re driving along and see it by the side of the road. Perhaps they stop to take a photo. Does seeing a fox even have some significance for your character? Have fun and…

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