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A Series of Firsts

Madeline McEwan is back as this week’s guest blogger… This month, September, represents a series of firsts for me:- First visit to New York City, even though we’ve lived in the States for more than two decades. First interstate flight for my two autistic adult sons—they’re coming with us, reluctantly. First book launch for the…

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Hi Susan-Writing What You Know

  I have about twenty Hi Susan e-mails waiting for me so thought I’d get to at least one this week. Chloe writes- Is it true that a fiction authors should only write about an experience they’ve gone through themselves? When I started writing, I’d heard that too. My first book was based on my own experience…

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And So It Begins-NaNoWriMo 2018

    Promptober’s history and I hope you enjoyed it. Today I thought I’d kick off NaNoWriMo 2018 with a pep talk for everyone, (myself included). It’s sort of ironic because as I’m putting this together, writing is the last thing I actually want to do. It’s Wednesday evening, it’s been a busy week, finishing…

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