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Do You Have a Plotting Problem?

  I’m teaching a class on plotting a novel and while I was putting together notes for the first lesson, something dawned upon me. I shared it with the students and I thought maybe you’d like to hear it too. I always hear people say their biggest problem is plotting but I don’t think that’s always…

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Brainstorming Techniques During NaNoWriMo So You Can Get Back to Your Novel by Beth Barany

Beth Barany is back with us and this time gives us some tips about brainstorming…   You’ve started your novel with NaNoWriMo. Hurrah and congrats! But maybe on some days you lose your focus and don’t know what to write next. If you haven’t planned your novel ahead of time, then you may need some…

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Summer Writing ‘Retreat’

  After sitting outside reading for most of Sunday afternoon, I came up with an idea for summer. Many people have an idea for a story, lots of people say they’re going to write a book, and yes, even published writers like myself, have unfinished manuscripts sitting on their computer(or gathering dust on a shelf).…

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Give Yourself A Deadline

  One of my main concerns when I decided to freelance was would I be motivated enough to put in a full day’s work. It’s a whole new world when you no longer have someone looking over your shoulder or telling you what to do next. Lucky for me, I had one great motivator and that…

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NaNoWriMo-Day Two

Hope everyone got off to a good start yesterday. My tip of the day is to think like an athlete. Before they compete they warm up first. Sit down and free write for five or ten minutes before you start your NaNoWriMo project for the day. It’s the ideal way to get the muse into top gear and eases…

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