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Writing From Experience

Today, J. L. Regen is back guest blogging and telling us about how things that happen in life sometimes find a way into books. And she’s happy to share the news that her book is nominated for Romance Book of the Year by Readers Choice  Good luck, we’re cheering for you. I was dating a man like…

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The Writing Monster

Here’s today’s Thursday guest blogger, Mageela Troche telling us how to overcome fear in writing… There is much to a writer’s life. Writing, revising, submitting, publishing, social media, publicity and us writers have to do it all over again. One part of a writer’s life that can pull you into a deep hole has nothing…

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Economizing Prose

Say hello to today’s guest blogger, Kathy Otten who offers tips on cutting out extra baggage in our writing… In the same way a driver economizes their gas mileage by condensing trips and monitoring driving habits, as writers we need to do the same with the words we choose to put on paper. During that…

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Are You Overwriting?

Say hello to today’s guest blogger, Ann Everett who offers us advice on something that can often be an Achilles’ heel even for published writers… Overwriting: This is a mistake all new writers make. They over explain either through description or action. Heck, in first drafts, I still do it. Here are some examples: Gus pulled his gun belt tight…

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Planning Your Novel

Say hello to today’s guest blogger, Beth Barany who offers advice about planning our novels… Do you like plotting your story before you write it? I don’t! That is, I don’t like the sound of “plotting.” Sounds so boring and feels heavy. Like “plodding.” I’ve learned, though, through lots of trial and error that if…

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White Room Syndrome

    If you’ve ever taken one of my classes you’ll know that I’m not shy about telling you about my writing Achilles’ heel. I’m about to share it with the TWL community because I think letting others know about our weaknesses helps us all become better writers. My least favorite thing about writing (apart…

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