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What’s Ahead in 2020?

Despite this week’s busy schedule, I’ve taken a few hours here and there to work on plans for This Writer’s Life in 2020. I’ve asked myself if I want to take it in a new direction. My answer, not really. I’m happy with the content and I hope you are too. I’d like to include…

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Hi Susan-Self Publish or Not?

  The Hi Susan letters are stacking up so I thought I’d tackle one this week. This one arrived from Peter who asked… I think I might have jumped on the self-publishing bandwagon a little too late. After doing some research, it looks like just about everyone is a self publisher these days. Should I…

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10 Romances Worth Reading

Nalini is back as today’s guest blogger and she shares with us 10 romance novels that she feels you should read- I’m a huge fan of books with diverse characters and so am always on the hunt for these. From a biracial movie producer in Bollywood to a small town mayor, from an Irish crime…

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Fulfilling a Dream

Say hello to today’s guest blogger, Susan Royal who shares with us how her writing career got started… Ever since I was a child, I’ve been hooked on storytelling and becoming a writer. I still have my first attempt. A book made out of ruled notebook pages and bound with red ribbon, written and illustrated…

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Monday Motivation-

      This quote sort of ties in with last week’s post about giving your readers something different. Don’t worry about writing trends or if your writing style doesn’t match other authors. Be you and write your own story.    

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