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Monday Motivation-Begin

I like this quote because it reminds me that lots of people say they’re going to do something toward living their dream but talking is about as far as they get. Don’t be that person. Live your dream, and as this mug says, begin…begin your story today.  

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Writing and the Five Senses

Say hello to guest blogger, Julie Lence who shows us the importance of making the most of the five senses… See. Smell. Hear. Taste. Touch. We all know the five senses, experience them in our everyday lives. But do you have them layered throughout your story? If so, do you have too many? Not enough? And…

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The Words of Ernest Hemingway

The other day I was searching a site that had quotes by famous authors. This one by Ernest Hemingway jumped out at me… Write Drunk Edit Sober Maybe he intended us to take that literally, maybe not. Either way, he summed up the writing process perfectly. I always tell my students if there’s only one…

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