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Tuesday Guest Blogger- N. Christine Samuelson

When did you begin writing?

My journey in writing and publishing has been a very long one. I’d always been good at all forms of writing for as long as I can remember – business, school, college, creative, advertising & marketing. But I started writing creatively with the intent to publish novels about 15 years ago.

 What’s been your biggest challenge?

The demands of life, of single motherhood, owning a business then managing another working 50 hours a week to survive. Throw in moving 10 times including 3 major relocations and my life was so chaotic I could barely squeeze out time to write, let alone learn the craft.

During that time, I managed to write two novels (one of which ultimately got tossed), lots of short stories and poetry. Then it was a very long, arduous process to learn the craft of creative writing through critiques, editors, agents, attending conferences, taking workshops and online courses, and more editing & rewriting than I could ever have envisioned at the start. Even though traditionally and Indie published with three books over two years, I’m still learning.

Why did you choose your genre?

I write in the genres of women’s fiction with a central love story and contemporary romance. My first two novels (Eternal Seas and Echoes of Love) contain some supernatural elements (spirits, past lives, mediums, psychic & tarot readings, etc.) My genres kind of chose me because those kinds of stories are what I love – of women’s relationships, challenges, tragedies & triumphs experienced over time and place with ethereal overtones because I believe life is not ordinary, and not just about the here and now. They’re also what I have life experience in, what I love to read, what I’ve done & learned through an unusual journey. And love stories are central to it all. I write about love in somewhat untraditional ways but with down-to-earth characters, great settings and fascinating storylines with lots of twists.

What writing tips would you like to share?

Learn as much as you can & never stop. Get a social media following before you’re published (that was the worst learning curve & biggest challenge I had and I’m still at it!); and get your writing critiqued as soon as you have a draft or even a partial —  join a writer’s group or critique group and get lots of feedback. Use beta readers and editors. My work improved so much from others taking a look at it and giving honest feedback. And read, read, read!

What are you currently working on?

My current work-in-progress is still an early draft. There’s no firm title yet but it is shaping up as a woman’s life and relationships with alternative paths, decisions and varying outcomes to show how profoundly life is affected by our choices, attitudes, and intuition working along with fate & destiny. I’m hoping to have it published by late Fall/early Winter 2020.

What would you like to promote today?

My latest novel is HEART STORMS: “Three lives collide in a perfect storm of heartbreak and ruin, betrayal and love.”  The story revolves around one woman and two men whose losses and emotional pain prevent them from loving or being in a relationship and living a full life. Set in an oceanfront inn in coastal South Carolina, their lives converge in unusual yet powerful ways. See wonderful reviews on Amazon, Goodreads & Bookbub, and it’s available on all major online retailers.


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