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Editing, editing and yes, more editing

Yes, I know I said that This Writer’s Life was back on track and then I didn’t post another entry for over a month. One of the drawbacks of writing a lot is it translates into editing a lot. I just got done with a whole bunch of edits for upcoming stories and hopefully I’ll have a couple of weeks before the next round.

I’m getting ready to teach two writing workshops next month, Seven Deadly Sins and Point of View, check the schedule on the site if you’re interested in signing up.

Also finished How To Write a Romance Novel, which is now with the editor.

Starting next week, This Writer’s Life is truly back on track starting with my new feature In the Hot Seat.

And yes, what would a post be without some shameless self promoting? My latest book, Last First Kiss was released yesterday, here’s the cover. Take care and happy writing.


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