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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Popular Genres

I just read an article in Publisher’s Weekly about the best books of the first half of the year. Seems if you enjoy writing young adult novels you’re in luck because they dominated the bestseller lists.

I always tell my writing students never to write to trends because they go out of fashion quickly but maybe the YA market is here to stay for awhile. I’m wondering if it’s young adults reading them or their parents. I have to admit I’ve read more than a few and some of them are great. In fact, I only wish they’d been these sort of books around when I was younger.

A rainy day here and perfect for catching up on work and planning out goals for the rest of the year. I definitely want to get a mystery written by the end of the year. I never seem to squeeze it into my regular writing time so maybe I’ll have to write it in longhand and carry a notebook with me, penning it whenever I can.

It’s hard to believe that next week we’re half done with July. August will be here before you know it. Back to school is a great time for writers because lots of paper, pens, and all the good stuff you need for our trade go on sale.

This week I worked on my third story in the Big Sky County series and hope to get the first draft finished over the weekend. Not sure when my next release will be but I do know it’s Loving The Bear, Book Three in Kalispell Shifters series, and will probably be sometime later this month.

Have a good week and happy writing.



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